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“Through the experiences of five Biblical men—men like David, Samson, and Moses—Chase shows how these instincts can lead men to destruction, or by faith, to something better. Through their failures and success, we learn and mature with them. But these are not just stories. Chase offers practices by which we learn to discipline our own instincts. You will learn to live Paul’s advice to the young man Timothy, “Keep a close watch on yourself and on the teaching.” Know your instinct and know what you have in Christ. That is the way forward for men. Chase will show you the way.”

Mark Batterson: lead pastor of National Community Church; New York Times Bestselling author of The Circle Maker

“There are a lot of mixed messages in our society about masculinity – what it is, what it should be, what it shouldn’t be, and even whether it’s really “a thing.” God designed men to be masculine in the best sense of the word. That requires harnessing our natural impulses and letting Him direct those traits toward the full, thriving manhood that He intends for all of us. This book is a great starting point.”

Jim Daly: President, Focus on the Family

“In my twenty-four years as a pastor, two tragic words have come to summarize the affliction of many men: lonely and bored. As Thoreau once quipped, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” Once they’ve settled in to the routines and presumed “have-to’s” of life — family, career, and maybe church — it is common for men to replace adventure and dreams with other things that numb and distract: Television, internet surfing, pornography, sports, workaholism, voyeurism, excessive eating and drinking, an affair, and the like. In The 5 Masculine Instincts, Chase does a great job not only describing this sad state of affairs for many men, but also paving a path forward for men who desire a better, more excellent way. Whether you are a man or there is a man that you care about, I highly recommend this work to you.”

Scott Sauls: senior pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee, and author of Befriend and Irresistible Faith.

“Chase takes the mask of masculinity right off the face of culture. This book exposes the lie that true masculinity is discovered in what we do, or what we possess. It redirects our hearts to the joyful truth that masculinity, at its core, is found in who we are becoming. It shows us how to become more like Christ. So seriously, buy this book, read it, soak in it, and spread the word. This book is a MUST READ for every man – and every woman who loves a man.”

Rashawn Copeland, Founder of I’m So Blessed Daily, Author of No Turning Back

“Chase is pursuing a much-needed goal – to help shape and inspire a new generation of Godly men. With his ear to scripture and a keen eye on culture, Chase brings the lives of Bible’s men into our own. As a result, we are able to learn from them and discover a better kind of manhood. The 5 Masculine Instincts is a book we need.” 

Brad Lomenick: leadership consultant, speaker, founder of BLINC, and author of The Catalyst Leader and H3 Leadership

“Have you noticed how little we talk about character these days—particularly as men? We talk about toxic traits and roles and responsibilities, but men I know struggle most with living up to the expectations they have for themselves. They don’t know how to get better. What men need is a new conversation about Christian Character. Chase has done just that. Chase helps men grow in character by addressing the masculine instincts directing their lives through nuanced engagement with scripture and deep gospel clarity. The 5 Masculine Instincts will help you become a man of true Christian character.”

Lt. Gen. (Ret) William G. Boykin: Founding member of the elite US Army Delta Force, US Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, and author of Man to Man: Rediscovering Masculinity in a Challenging World

“If ever there was a language, fashioned uniquely to men . . . invented just for them, Chase Replogle speaks it. This book is clear-headed, bold, and crisp. After nearly 40 years in the publishing business, I’ve been told that men don’t read books. Take a few minutes in this one and you will agree with me that this book is a happy exception. Men need to read this. I predict they will. I’m so glad I did.”

Robert Wolgemuth: Best-selling author

“It’s funny how as we grow older and live more of life we often end up with a foggier sense of who we are and where our lives are supposed to go—well, more tragic than funny, really. It leads us into so many misguided decisions and down wrong paths. This book is not a guide or a self-help book, which is good because our selves were what caused this confusion in the first place. Nor is it a sermon or a mandate. Instead, it’s a reflection on purpose and direction, and identity woven through with biblical truth. For any disillusioned, post idealist adults facing broken dreams or a confusing vision of the future, this book is for you and will be a help.”

Barnabas Piper: Pastor, author of Help My Unbelief and The Curious Christian, and co-host of the Happy Rant podcast

“A ton of books are written each year, but truly exceptional books can be counted in one hand.  This is one such book, and it is no accident. Chase Replogle is a gifted, engaging author who is a master storyteller, thorough researcher, and excellent interpreter and applier of biblical truth.  To be a truly exceptional book, however, it also has to address a real issue with real substance.  Never has masculinity faced the challenges it faces today—from without and from within.  Chase takes these challenges head-on: no beating around the bush and no shortage of solid, biblically-based guidance required to get us back on track.  Thank you, Chase, for producing a book that men—indeed, our entire culture—is desperate for!”

Wave Nunnally, PhD: Professor Emeritus of Early Judaism and Christian Origins, Evangel University/Assemblies of God Theological Seminary

“Talking about manhood today has become strangely controversial. That leaves a lot of men stuck. How are we supposed to be better as men if the whole conversation is always drama? The 5 masculine Instincts is our way forward. I’ve known Chase for a long time and I know the years of work he’s given to this topic. You’ll recognize it when you read the book. I can’t wait for all the men I know to read it. It’s what we need.”

Dan Boever: Professional Trick-shot Golf Entertainer and RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion (Sr. Division)

The Five Masculine Instincts is a fresh look at men today compared with men in the Bible. The author states there are no biblical heroes per se—with the exception of Jesus. For the most part, these men were ordinary, which makes them relatable. Chase’s descriptions are interesting, colorful, insightful—and realistic.

Dr. Gene Getz: Professor, radio host, and author of The Measure of a Man

“Being a man can be a challenge. We are easily discouraged and easily distracted. But we are not alone in this. The Word of the living God has given us men who are just like us. Chase highlights some of the crucial instincts so many of us experience as men, showing us where the men of the Bible got it right and where they also failed. Today’s world continues to twist the purpose of masculinity and manhood. This book is going to point you back in the right direction. Rather you’re a man wise in years or still striving to be, I encourage you to pick up The 5 Masculine Instincts and rediscover a better manhood in Christ.”

Kory Keeth: PRCA Rodeo Announcer

“So many men default to action, decisiveness, and willpower. But like chasing a ghost on the battlefield, success can feel elusive. Men are worn out, discouraged, or even on the verge of giving up in their search for the abundant life that Jesus offers. For those who dare, The 5 Masculine Iinstincts invites readers to travel on an exciting adventure, a journey with many twists, turns, surprises—and rewards. Chase Replogle provides life-changing insights through masterful examination of the Bible’s men. Serious seekers will discover that the victory they’ve been seeking all along is just ahead as they learn to trust and receive. The 5 Masculine Instincts is a must-read for the military community! “

Chaplain (COL) Scott McChrystal (US Army, Ret.): Managing Editor of the Warrior’s Bible, Former Senior Military Chaplain at West Point, and Former Chaplain Endorser for the Assemblies of God

“I love discovering treasures from unexpected sources. And what could be a more unexpected source for learning about a balanced, biblical self-image than the Old Testament stories of men like ourselves? But that’s exactly what Chase Replogle has accomplished. In The 5 Masculine Instincts, he uncovers principles we can all find value in, from a source we didn’t expect.”

Karl Vaters: Author, Founder of, and Blogger for Christianity Today

“I deeply appreciate Chase’s desire to refresh orthodoxy for the modern reader. His commitment to the Gospel is clear, his ability to nuance spiritual truths with story is well-crafted, and the outcome of watching men like him fill the shoes God places them in is timely.”

Heath Adamson: Author, Speaker, & Advocate. Chief of Staff, Convoy of Hope